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If you thought that gambling never has its upside, this one is for you!

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Who we are


So, how are we different?

We are a casino alright, but we are not just a casino. We are a casino which is made inside an entertainment park. Construction of the casino is deliberately done right in the middle of the amusement park with glass walls so that you can see your family having a great time while you have a relaxing time dealing a hand or two at the table or may try your luck at the colorful slots!

Heaven for the kids!

We have a video games parlor with a floor area of 500 square feet, an amusement park with a giant ferry wheel, then a great play area, trampolines, a 3D movie theatre screen and a giant sand pit with acoustic to match that will stimulate as if the child is playing on the beach near the show!

And what do we have for the ladies?

A comprehensive spa with complete beauty care regimen, a pool with a Jacuzzi, a massage parlor, a salon and a club is the least that you can pamper your ladies with. Apart from these, there are four great restaurants serving cuisine from around the world.


There are a pub and dancing bar and for the adventurous, there are other rotational activities that frequent like live music bands, pole dancers etc.

Step in and forget the outside world

Step inside today and we will show you what you have been missing all these years. Fun and adventure begin here and before you know you will be craving to get back here! Come, the party is only beginning!!

Really Safe

. There may be a certain one-off incidents of violence or crime around or in a casino, but hey! Which place is really safe nowadays?!

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